Thursday, May 29, 2008

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Over the Memorial Day weekend, my little family found a kennel for Max and we headed out camping. A friend has a HUGE piece of land in the Hill Country along Hondo Creek and invited 70 of her closest friends to camp out with the kids, swim and drink beer by the nightly bon fire that was large enough to see from space.

Hazel and Myrtle needed a babysitter and recruiting one only required the promise of fresh eggs each morning. My neighbor offered to come check on them twice per day and they were apparently happy little chickens, laying their usual two a day, while we were gone.

Upon our return, Hazel and Myrtle we so happy to see us. I sat out in the back yard and they hung at my feet pecking up the scratch I threw out for their afternoon treat.

I picked up Myrtle and put her in my lap for a snuggle, which caused Hazel to pace at my feet looking for a way up. Finally, she jumped up into my lap and let me give her some love.

She has never done this before. They usually do the whole squat and shake thing when I try to hold them, but Hazel obviously missed me.

Later I snagged Hazel and settled in my patio chair. She nuzzled me for five to seven minutes, which is unheard of with these girls; they usually try to fly within a minute of two.

Never underestimate the power of love; even from chickens.