Sunday, March 7, 2010

My pets used to make breakfast...

Ok, so Hazel and Myrtle have been a bunch of freeloading, poop laying pains in the ass. They eat, a lot. They poop, a lot! And I am tired of their free range lifestyle with out some eggs.

They haven't laid in months. When they were laying a few months ago, the eggs were not so pretty inside. No details, but more often than not, I chucked them. Now, after a round of worms, they are eating, pooping lazy birds. Healthy, but lazy.

So today, I wrangled them and put them in their run. Tented the coop so I could shelter their food and water from the rain. I fluffed and added shavings to their nesting box. Found some nice green grass, scratch and oyster shells to toss at their feet and walked away.

Oh! I added a store bought egg to the coop for inspiration. I will give them some lentils for extra protein in a bit, but then I want to see some business. I miss my fresh eggs. My daughter now says, "neh!" to store-bought-egg omelets. "The eggs don't taste good," she says. I have a nine year-old egg snob. What have I done? The girls are just not earning their keep.

I know they are older, but they have a good life, big yard, green grass, bugs galore, organic feed and hugs whenever they need them. All I ask for is some EGGS.

Ok, I am done. I will get them some lentils and hope for the best, but I appreciate any egg-laying vibes that are sent my way...or my hens way, which would be better.