Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Myrtle is Hurt

I'm not sure what happened, but I think a raccoon might have tried to get Myrtle. It may have been a freak fall or something, but she has a very hurt left leg. It isn't messy, just a small abrasion, but she will not put her foot down. She won't flex her toes and she has seemed to be in pain.

I fed her water with aspirin yesterday afternoon for the pain and kept her in her coop most of the day. The temp hit 95 degrees, so Marshall took her out and put her in the shade. She rested for awhile and then decided to hop around and look for bugs, but she won't let that foot touch the ground.

I'm considering a sling. Seems kinda silly, but her leg kinda dangles and if it hits the ground she pulls it up really quickly, so I thought giving her the option to just let it rest in the sling might be more comfortable. Still deciding about that.

Hazel is pretty distressed that she isn't feeling well; she stays close.

I'm going to put her to bed early tonight and hope for the best.