Monday, March 31, 2008

Snuggley Chickens

Ok, maybe Hazel isn't so snuggley, she crouches down, flattens her back and shakes if she thinks I am going to pick her up, but Myrtle likes me.

Myrtle does the whole squish and shake thing, but not as fearfully and when I scoop her into my arms she coos and nuzzles her head against my chest.

I like this. She'll sit on my shoulders, but the previous mother and father told us they chickens have mistaken blinking eyes of moving bugs, so I avoid looking at them as they perch atop my 5' 10" frame.

I love their eggs. I couldn't be more happy when I find two a morning in their nest. I thank them for every single one.

My growing daughter eats a lot of eggs, but has never liked the yolks. I have taken to separating the eggs when I fry them up and this morning she had an egg white "egg in a hole." Hope the whites are good for you too. Seems like such a shame for her not to eat those gorgeous golden yolks, but some egg is better than no egg.

She never used to try anything new, but that has changed as she grew another inch making her more than 4' 6" (she is seven), but recently she had a bite of a ham and Swiss omelet and now she is in LOVE. Yolks are ok in the omelet.

I have begun using eggs for trade. I got to borrow a neighbors amazingly expensive camping gear for a weekend trip in exchange for three eggs. I used eggs as a peace offerings after yelling at my neighbor for letting their dog bark for hours on end one weekend morning. I apologized for yelling, but still made my point about torturing the entire neighborhood by casting their terror of a dog in the yard. I have given eggs as countless gifts, wrapped in a pretty little nest of hay. People LOVE to receive these eggs!

All the leaves have popped out, the grass is lush and green and our chicken sisters are happy and they make us happy!

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