Saturday, July 17, 2010

Three a day!! Whoo hoo!

Zelda's, Lulu's and Betty's Eggs
Lulu finally laid an egg yesterday. What, has it been a month since I got her? She seems to be a sensitive girl, but yesterday and today there were two brown eggs and a pretty blue one in the nest. I think Lulu's are slightly more brown and Betty's are slightly more pink, but who the hell knows.  Just glad she is a contributing member of the family now, cause she sure eats a lot!

Finally bought them a 25 lb bag of feed. I bought 10 lbs and it lasted a week. I wish they wouldn't spill so much. All is well. It is getting hot, but I have a courtesy fan blowing on their favorite spot under the bushes. Probably need to get their water someplace with more shade.  Noon time is roasting in their pen, but by 2:30 or 3:00 they are in shade the rest of the day.

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