Saturday, January 8, 2011

Finally, an Egg from Lulu!

Betty, my sweet Barred Rock hen hasn't laid an egg since July. She went into molt in early-November and all the advice I have received said to give her time. One hen father said give her until February. Dude, that is a long time, but what's a hen mother to do except wait. Since she molted, her feathers are back in full fluff and her comb is getting more red and finally standing at attention after months of flop and sallow pinkness. She isn't laying yet, but I have hope for her.

Lulu began molting in mid-November and quit laying. I thought, "Great! Three hens and about five eggs a week." This is not what I was expecting when I dubbed my weekly dinner, "Fritatta Tuesdays."

Yesterday the hens were completely out of feed. I made the oatmeal with flax seed and scrambled eggs (store bought out of desperation), with some cut up green beans. They ate it so fast I made another batch, but added quinoa and left out the eggs.

After a new batch of feed was supplied late afternoon yesterday, I looked at Lulu his morning, and she was squawking awkwardly. I thought, "She's gonna lay an egg." Sure enough, an hour later I went outside to visit with my girls and survey my garden, and I noticed Lulu missing. I peaked quietly around the corner to see if she was in the run eating, but she wasn't there. A few minutes later, she came waddling out of the pen and joined her sisters as they scrapped and picked under the fallen Red Oak leaves around the compost bin.

I peaked inside the coop and lo and behold, a sweet little brown egg.  As I clutched it from the trap door in the back of the coop, I felt the eggs warmth spread through my very chilly hands. Lulu's back!

Maybe we can restart Fritatta Tuesdays, if not this week, then definitely next. Not sure what prompted the lay, but maybe it was my gourmet breakfast yesterday.

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